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Our Work

As a design studio, we also consult and curate. Each project is designed, developed, and delivered keeping the client's brief and ethos in mind. If you have any project in mind for us, do reach out. We would be happy to work with your team and deliver!


Dvau Tables

DVAU in Sanskrit means two.


DVAU are a set of two multifunctional tables that explore the craft of Sankheda furniture for present-day modern yet compact spaces. Sankheda furniture is heavily painted hardwood furniture that is manufactured using turnery and simple tongue and groove joints.


The DVAU tables celebrate this simplicity. With no heavy fixtures, the table can be used as a side or center table upon a single rotation.


This is a result of applying the Sankheda craftmanship cleverly to alternate wooden leg joints. Furthermore, the alternate legs offer storage for everyday items. The paint and lacquer of Sankheda are curated into abstract florals as per the table bringing the two units to a perfect four.

The minimal set challenges and offers Sankheda craftsmen the to create more relevant space-saving furniture.


Florence Cutlery Stand

A minimal cutlery stand designed to offer visibility and quick access to all cutlery and its texture. With frugal manufacturing, the continued blossoming form of the stand stocks each cutlery in an organized manner and allows easy transportation.


Cona Switch Mural

Hand-painted wall mural celebrating company legacy. 

Smaller switches come together on a ply board held by a metal frame imitating the company's very first product, electric wall switches.


Tiffin Packaging

A single type of packaging designed for a range of tiffins that had to be eye-catching and super cost-friendly.


Square Dinner Set Patterns

Imitating the form of the Dinner set, the pattern was required to be simple yet filled at the center. 

With retro patterns, the same was achieved, as the round edges of the dinner set are highlighted in the curved patterns.


Lotus Pooja Thali

Abiding by the manufacturing norms, the Lotus Pooja Thali celebrates the holy flower Lotus in not-so-typical Pooja Thali.

Inspired by the Pichwai paintings, the lotuses with their water are tied by the Gayatri Mantra on high-grade Stainless Steel.


Dinner Set Packaging

Customized top lid packaging for PVD Coated Stainless Steel Dinner Set creates a luxe gifting experience.


Each utensil has its own pocket and yet comes together as a whole, making unboxing a lot easier. Further, the simple dull gold ink highlights the Gold Utensils. 


Boulder Door Bell

Inspired by the boulder, balancing rocks, the Boulder Door Bell hosts perfectly shaped surfaces with little craters upfront that add movement to the bell.

The overall form adds that extra luxe edge to the interiors.


XTORI Perfumes

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