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Mini Mithai Puzzle Bundle - Set of 4

Mini Mithai Puzzle Bundle - Set of 4


All Mithais(sweets) are said to contain a lot of sugar and if consumed in bulk, are unhealthy. But with Mini Mithais this is set to change, as you relish the 4, Jalebi, Kaju Katli, Modak and Ghevar, in bulk or just one, it is set to not make you fat but rather give you the much needed mental exercise.


The miniature mithai puzzles host just above 50pieces and less than 100pieces of puzzle, not Mithai, rewarding your mind with plenty off-screen time. Best enjoyed if left to observe after completion. So act fast before they get eaten up!


PS:  You may crave some Mithai after solving

this set of puzzles.

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